Class Help – Reliability, Responsiveness and Preventing Arbitrations

Some students post assignments looking for help with a class for the entire semester.  This kind of tutoring assignment works well when both parties keep in touch and expectations are managed properly. Occasionally an arbitration does occur but as much as possible, let’s all be proactive in preventing problems from arising! Here’s how:

As a student, you need to be certain that the help you requested is being provided!  Requesting arbitration “after the fact” does not help the your class (although your money is always safe with us).  So pay close attention to your progress throughout the semester!

As a scholar, you need to be sure that you are being reliable and responsive to the student … simply put give the class help that you promised! If it takes you 3 days to respond to a question that your client may have, then don’t be surprised to learn that the assignment has been arbitrated, that the student’s money has been refunded, and that you’ve received a poor rating!

Also, please remember to keep communication on our system … the comment thread helps us understand what is going on when an arbitration does happen to arise.

Finally, always remember that this is a community.  Treat people fairly and treat people respectfully … we do and we expect you to do the same!


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